Acronym    Stands for...
C&I   Criteria & Indicators; for instance for sustainable forest management, for sustainable biomass or bio-based products
CEN   European Committee for Standardization
CEN/TC   Technical Committee for Standardization
CEN/TR   Technical Report
CEN/TS   Technical Specification
CEP   Circular Economy Package
CEPF   Confederation of European Forest Owners
CEPI   Confederation of European Paper Industries
CN   Combined Nomenclature
CoC   Chain of Custody
COP   Conference of the Parties, i.e. the governing body of the UNFCCC; for example COP21 Paris, December 2015
CPD   Construction Products Directive (repealed by the CPR)
CPE   Construction Products Europe, of which CEI-Bois is a member
CPR   Construction Products Regulation
EC   European Commission
EFI   European Forest Institute
EN   European Standard, for example EN 13986: EN 15804
EP   European Parliament
EPD   European Product Declaration
EUSTAFOR   European State Forest Association
EUTR   European Union Timber Regulation
FprEN   Final draft European Standard
FTP   Forest-based Technology Platform, of which CEI-Bois is a shareholder
GWP   Global-warming potential
HWP   Harvested Wood Products
ILCD   International Reference Life Cycle Data System, i.e. guide for LCA prepared by JRC
IPCC   Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
JRC   Joint Research Centre of the European Commission
LCA   Life Cycle Assessment
LCI   Life Cycle Inventory
LCIA   Life Cycle Impacts assessment
LULUCF   Land Use and Land Use Change and Forestry
Member States
PCR   Product Category Rules, a set of rules for developing EPDs for one or more product categories
PEF   Product Environment Footprint
prEN   Draft European standard
SCC   Standing Committee on Construction
SFC   Standing Forestry Committee, chaired by the European Commission, represents forestry administrations of the EU Member States
SFM   Sustainable Forest Management
SG   Secretary General
UNFCCC   United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
VOC   Volatile Organic Compounds
WI   Woodworking Industries