WEBINAR: EU Woodworking Industry and India: perspectives on enhanced trade cooperation

20 of October 2020 - Online


The seminar offered an opportunity to receive and exchange information on the trade opportunities of the Woodworking sector with India, which is considered to offer a sizeable potential for export of wood products, and in particular construction products, but which is not yet an established export market for the European timber sector.

Key points addressed:

CEI-Bois offered a presentation of the Woodworking Industry covering the structure and general outlook of the sector, as well as trade expectations: India is perceived as a market of great potential that is currently lacking in understanding by the European timber industry.

The seminar touched upon the activities currently pursued by the EU to establish sound and open bilateral trade relations and on how to improve market access and relate tariff barriers, which are currently 10% for most wood products. Finally, the seminar offered participants an outlook of the Indian market and a special focus on the construction market and on the possible role of timber construction.

The Webinar was organised as an initiative of the CEI-Bois Trade Working Group