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Research, Developement & Innovation

Chair: Johan Elvnert - Forest-Based Sector Technology Platform
CEI-Bois Coordination: Andrew Norton

The working group contributes to strengthening the wood industry’s position in public funding programs for innovation research at European, transnational and national/regional level. It aims at defining the strategic research questions for the wood industry as an entire part of the forest-based bioeconomy and collect proposals to make them tangible.
Connection with all relevant partner organisations and with the Forest-based Technology Platform (FTP) is essential.
The working group is internally linked to the Task Force on Construction Research & Standardization (Construction WG).
The CEI-Bois members and network are engaged and integrated into the activities of the RD&I WG. The working group is communicating clearly about research for innovation and interacting with the competent EC interlocutors.

Research, Developement & Innovation Working Group: Service
Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng
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