Position Papers

17 December 2020

CEI-Bois Feedback to the Draft Delegated Act

26 November 2020

Feedback to the review of rules on Land use, land use change & forestry

07 October 2020

The use of Propiconazole in wood preservatives for timber windows and doors

31 August 2020

Environmental performance of products & businesses – substantiating claims – Feedback on the Inception Impact Assessment

15 May 2020

The EU forest sector’s role in ensuring sustainable forest management and conserving biodiversity

02 March 2020

Position of the Woodworking Industry on the EU Green Deal

09 December 2020

CEI‐Bois  Position on additional demand‐side measures  to halt deforestation, EU  Timber Regulation and FLEGT Fitness Check

16 November 2020

Feedback to the Sustainable Products Initiative Inception Impact Assessment

28 September 2020

New EU Forest Strategy: 3 reasons to endorse the committee report

17 June 2020

Call for compliance with the single market rule

11 May 2020

Statement on the Indonesian SVLK system

20 February 2020

Towards a new EU Forest Strategy: position of the European Woodworking Industry

01 December 2020

Feedback on the post-2020 Forest Strategy Roadmap

03 November 2020

Joint Position Paper on the Renovation Wave

21 September 2020

Position on the Draft Report with recommendations to the Commission on an EU legal framework to halt and reverse EU driven global deforestation (2020/2006(INL))

08 June 2020

Woodworking Industry’s feedback to the “Renovation Wave” Initiative

24 April 2020

COVID-19: To fight the Corona pandemic, the European Woodworking and Furniture Industries propose measures to protect workers’ health, support economic activity and the sector’s recovery

30 October 2019

Forest-based Industries 2050: a vision for sustainable choices in a climate-friendly future

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