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Chair: Dieter Lechner - Association of the Austrian Wood Industries

CEI-Bois Coordination: Claudiu Sonda

Timber products and a large variety of wood-based materials are increasingly being used in carbon and energy efficient construction. The overall aim of the working group is to strengthen this position in European policies, regulatory affairs, standardization and Research & Innovation. The working group works on developing initiatives in accordance with the following guiding objectives.

Building with wood:

- Advocacy of the use of wood in construction and renovation, including prefabricated houses

- Advocacy of the environmental and energy efficiency performance of wood in a life cycle approach framework

- Active support for innovative wood-based materials and building concepts


Indoor air quality:

- Wood-based products as an attractive choice for indoor use

- Avoidance of restrictive emission limits for wood-based construction materials


Technical basis of wood construction:

- State of the art technical research & standardization work in support of timber structure design, sustainability of wood in construction works and the indoor air performance of wood-based materials

- The strategic Construction WG operates with the support of ad hoc Task Forces, namely TIMBIM, CLT, Life Cycle Assessment and Fire.

Construction Working Group: What We Do
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