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a nature-based solution for climate change


The UK hosted the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference COP26 in partnership with Italy.
The COP26 takes place in November 2021 and brought together world leaders to commit to urgent global climate action.

On this occasion the global woodworking industry highlighted the key role wood and wood-based products can play in achieving global Net Zero CO2 emissions by 2050.

The focus of our global advocacy message at COP26 was that wood has a key role to play in decarbonising the built environment especially via the ‘new’ engineered timbers that enable wooden buildings to be constructed at height and on a large scale. These structures can both substitute for carbon intensive materials and store carbon.

Our advocacy activities were focused on our timber manifesto launched at the Royal Institute of British Architects, London, on the eve of the COP26 on the 28 of October 2021.

Image by Nazrin B-va

Global Wood Manifesto

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